Size really matters… one thing that never fails to surprise and impress people is the size and weight of our beautiful pewter chess sets. These sets are big!

As can be seen from the above photograph from 1993 of the set creator John Morgan (left) with historic novelist Nigel Tranter, who inspired the first edition of the set, the Battle of Bannockburn Chess Set has a large, 21” square playing board with inlaid metal paying squares and a brushed metal edging. All 32 chess pieces are different and stand between 4” and 5” high, all cast in solid pewter.

With that scale comes real presence and with that amount of pewter in play, the packaged set weighs just under 50lbs (23 kilos) – that’s as much as:

800 US Quarters

Luxury Chess Sets


A small sized bale of hay

Luxury Chess Sets


A British bulldog

Heavy Pewter Chess Set



Two 2 year old children

Heavy Pewter Chess Set


Five medium sized bowling balls

Luxury Chess Set


Two spare tyres

Luxury chess sets


An elephant’s heart

Luxury Chess Sets

So, whether it’s a set to play out your battle strategies or simply a stunning conversation piece to set off your lounge or study, both the Battle of Bannockburn and Robert Burns Chess sets offer you impact and presence with the promise of being hugely important, valuable and treasured heirlooms for future generations.