We have just heard from his brother Andy that the maestro sculptor who so brilliantly crafted all 64 of the figures in our Battle of Bannockburn and Robert Burns Chess sets passed away last week on holiday in Rhodes at the ridiculously wasteful age of 62.

Steve was an utterly amazing talent; a true and honest friend.

We started out on the road to here a very long time ago when this gangly, long-haired bloke came into our Cornerstone Gallery in Dunblane with a pewter fantasy chess set he had created – the first I had ever seen where every piece was different. We sold a few over the months that followed and then we embarked on our first NEW chess set adventure with the original ‘Nigel Tranter’s Bannockburn Chess Set’, in cahoots with (as the title suggests) Scottish historic novelist, Nigel Tranter. He and I decided the players and Steve created the characters from some far corner of his majestic mind. He was aided and abetted by costume historian Andrew Spratt, who made sure we were historically accurate to the last detail..

The rest, as they say, is history, with a new, updated version of Bannockburn followed only in the last few last months by the new and majestic Robert Burns Chess set. In fact, we finally changed the last two Burns rooks only a few weeks ago: a perpetual master of timing!

We had already started planning chess set number three which, if history was to be repeated, would take us the next two years to develop. But what a journey it would have been! Now we travel different paths.

The two amazing sets Steve sculpted for Morag and me will live on long after we’ve all shuffled off. And in the next century, someone will pick up a piece – any piece – and wonder what the world was like when people could make truly amazing things with their hands.

John W Morgan

Steve Trickett 1954-2016