At midday on a Sunday we took the Bannockburn Chess set to Renton, to meet the members of the Strathleven Artizans, a fantastic team of Robert the Bruce enthusiasts whose aim is to promote historical links with King Robert the Bruce and King David II. Bruce spent his last years in Renton, until his death in 1329, fifteen years after Bannockburn.

Apart from their stated objective of rebuilding King Robert the Bruce’s Manor House at Dalquhurn Point, the Atrtizans also aim “to promote tourism, employment, and let history help develop the future.”

We told them the story of how the set was originally conceived with the irreplaceable input of Scots historic novelist, Nigel Tranter and how this 700th edition has been updated and  endorsed by TV historian Neil Oliver.

The click of cameras was almost orchestral and all were fascinated by the beauty and detail of every part of this very special chess set. Strathleven Artizans are now advocates for the Battle of |Bannockburn Chess Set and we look forward to crossing paths with them often at events and places where the life and exploits of Scotland’s greatest king are celebrated.